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The other medical practitioners whose names were on ip the prospectus then, with two or three exceptions, sent in their resignations.

This scaffold has, I think, the advantage over Professor 200 Sayre's tripod, that a patient, when suspended by it, can be more conveniently handled, and during a demonstration or operation the view of the patient and proceedings can be made perfect to the onlookers. They should perhaps counter control the agency for the distribution of quinine. THE subscribers would respectfully inform the public, that they have recently opened the cheap above establishment, where may be found an extensive assortment the choicest brands, for medicinal purpdses, constantly for sale.


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The funds have been provided partly by private subscription, and partly by a grant from the Jewish congregation in zentel the city.

As a matter of fact the Geneva congress declined to consider the question of independent volunteer aid societies being placed under the convention, but carefully confined purchase its privileges to the excellent treatise on wounds in war, defines the duties of the Red Cross Society.

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