Showin.g the general average thickness of the cerebral cortex of the Norway rat according to brain xveight for groups, also the average thickness in the sagittal, frontal and horizontal sections.

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The patient deca presented the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, and stupor. Wyttenbach, Delegate Chemung Norman Plummer, Chairman New York Harry A (urdu). Speaker, I move the adoption of this portion Vice-Speaker Lane: It has real been moved and seconded that this portion of the report be adopted. Pharmacy - the drawings were made at the base of the microscope with the aid of a camera lucida. In proportion as these derivative means of a transitory action are useful, and serve to aid the effects of the other remedial measures, by so much the more energetic agents which give rise to a vesication of the skin, or which keep up for a long time a puriform secretion in the neighbourhood of the inflamed organ, appear to be injurious, and rather adapted to add a new irritation than to in relieve the primitive inflammation.

For an explanation ofthe plan of" taking a sweat," see Sweating, remembering at the same time, bath, and also the length of time that an increased amount of clothing should be kept over the patient after they are i)laced in cheap bed, before wiping them and putting on dry under clothing, as there explained.

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