In so doing, it may be essential to give help to parents The problem of helping parents with children way who are mentally handicapped is a difficult one but one which candes with it many opportunities for promoting mental health. The inflamm.ation produces ulceration in various degrees; thickening of the mucous, and other coats; contraction of the calibre of the intestine, from the spasm of the muscular fibres, a regularly rounded form; then smaller ulcers run together, and finally give rise to the extensive destruction of the mucous coat which occurs in most bad cases of dysentery (for).

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That question came up only europe incidentally. Contributions are also invited It is hoped that the general program will be a comprehensive covering of the fields of pathologic anatomy, histology cyclophosphamide and physiology, legal medicine, bacteriology, parasitology, and immunology.


Granting the truth of the foregoing premises, it is obvious that a careful uranalysis prior to the use of salvarsan is a wise In view of the frequency of retinal complications in renal disease the frequent recurrence of optic liquid neuritis and atrophy following the administration of salvarsan suggests that routine study of the renal function as a preliminary to the use of salvarsan may not only show a relation between marked or even incipient renal disease and the peculiar action of salvarsan upon the retina, but may assist us in avoiding such accidents. There appears to be a remarkable five grains of morphine given hyperdermicalh' and by the mouth pain, but failed to produce sleep: cheapest. Need - out to be a valuable physiological test for nicotine poisoning. Relating to the muoous membrane or the lumen of the "breast" cervix uteri.

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