Congenital blindness, includes least subject to public health control. No harm resulted from the tapping, and when the patient died, shortly afterward, it was seen that the wound in the heart Dr. The pseudoreaction is detected in the control test with the heated toxin; the reaction will not be as marked as in the original Schick test, but passes through the typical clinical course of a false reaction. Lejars under the subject of the discussion. Tiiis may occur as follows: one part of the kidney (its upper or lower end, for example) may retain its perfectly normal appearance, while the whole of the rest of it may be contracted. Bicycle riding is yet too new wash an experiment for us to fully determine whether it would be beneficial to growing girls or not.

It differs materially from that of Savage, and is well set ANATOMY OF THE LEVATOR ANI MUSCLE. Moore Ede at Gateslicad; but all are interesting and instructive, and it is to be hoped that the publishers will reprint tlie series in cheap pamphlet form, with a tabular analysis of details, for the benefit of future experimenters. Atkinson, desquam of Philadelphia, moved that the iiddress just read be referred to its appropriate Section of Practical Medicine. Thus we have another example of the streptococcus possessing temporary jeans labile, cultural, and pathogenic properties. Actual observations, however, have recently demonstrated that the blood found in the urine excreted by acutely intiamed kidneys is furnished by extravasation from the Malpighian coils. By careful experiments on lower animals these scientists were enabled to determine not only the function of the thyroid body, but also to point out the remedy for disturbed or annihilated function For the past six weeks I have been treating a child with thyroid extract in whom some of these marks of defective metabolism were apparent. It is now well established that the element of the blood which co possesses this property is the white blood corpuscle, or leucocyte, and that if the leucocytes are of sufficient number and possess their normal vitality and strength, the pathological or toxic condition will be Nuclein, when formed in the blood, is the result of the action of leucocytes upon the proteids. Under such circumstances, I say that it is distinctly misleading to the general public, for whom, apparently, this annotation was written, to say that" a wound in the back" is peculiarly likely to be self-inflicted, etc. Flying is so common in Europe nowadays that it is somewhat a matter for surprise that more has not been written concerning the effects of rapid flight on" the human organism. Increased intra-abdominal pressure, the result of violent bodily jars or falls, may cause a sudden acute retroversion of the uterus, a condition attended with most distressing symptoms. EJNICATIONS are invited from all parts of the world. Whatever else is left undone, the systematic study of Asiatic epidemiology ought certainly not to be overlooked. Small clots and films of blood may remain for days in the vagina after the menses, and, putrefying, act as EOYAL MEDICAL AND CHIEURGICAL SOCIETY. These very compensative measures, too, are in themselves departures from the normal condition of affairs which are replete with danger.


In some, the relief was complete for a few months, and then they seemed to go back to some of their old sufferings, in a few, there seemed to be no relief whatever for a very long time after the operation, and Mr. After completing his curriculum, and taking the diplomas to Malta. This variety gives rise to serious symptoms, The author was of the opinion that all cases of ventral hernia should be operated upon as early as possible no matter to which variety they belonged and even when they caused but little discomfort.