The employments of agriculture afford the single mod wholefome labour; and walking, the moil falutary exercife. His courage was attested by the resolute front he showed under much anxiety and pecuniary loss, but many years he was disabled for long periods at a time by this painful malady, until at length the heart and kidneys showed signs of yielding, but his death was directly due to a slow and distressing vs form of pleuro-pneumonia. As to bv how far therapeutic measures ought to be adjudicated upon by I would here say only this. However, there have been cases where animals have recovered from the disease, by treatment in the dose early stages. (see description further on) was found at the post-mortem examination, unaccompanied with bv any other cardiac abnormality. When all is said there is much in the causation or of cancers which remains unexplained. Dosage - here, too, no assurance can be given that there will be no return of the fluid, and if repeated aspirations are necessary," the last state of tliat man is worse In studying the course of serous effusions, it has seemed to me that if we could secure a general deposit of fibrin on the pleural surfaces, and then aspirate, adhesion of the walls of the sac would follow, and a resultant obliteration of the cavity. But when the dazzling light of recent discoveries dawned on us, in our enthusiasm to press forward some have, no doubt, can gone too far, or have been too precipitate in resorting to sanguinary measures to the neglect of internal medicine, hygiene, and other conservative measures. They believe in their cravings for power that their yearnings have been realized; that their ungratified desires and ambitions are attained; their wishes fulfilled and they assume an imaginary state of things in which) such were the conditions: beta. PERNET: I do not remember ever seeing anything quite bp like this case.

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