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Should the substance be carried deeper, we may be able to perceive its irritating motion as an audible gurgling sound, to and fro with each respiration: gel.

Many months will probably elapse before a case occurs in which its use is indicated; but rare though these cases be, as they may present themselves and greatly embarrass you, it is necessary to "uk" make you famiUar with them. Francis of Assisi choose the Lady Poverty for his bride and delight to call himself II poverello di Dio,"the little poor man of God", would seem to be entirely too impracticable and utterly idealistic to have any interest for our time, and yet literally more than a score of important lives of St: in.

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If reapplied soon after a good coat has already been put on, it will cause burning pain which nothing acne will relieve except removal. The late exhibition of public fastings should prove wholesome lessons, and while we should never attempt to carry the measure to so great an extent we should yet rigidly cost discipline our appetites, administering to them all guardedly, temperately, becoming regal masters of every passion and desire. On.August Sth, a fatal case "dermatitis" of cholera nostras was registered at Lucena in the province of Cordova, Spain.

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