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He had been using the x-rays for what two years and a half, employing for one year a coil machine, and for the remainder of that time the static madiine, which he greatly preferred. Uses - in medical literature we find cases recorded as aphasia which should not properly be designated by this name, since the patients were still able to express their thoughts by speech and writing.


One can therefore only ascribe to the statistics dose which have been drawn up regarding the different sexual tendency to hysteria the significance of a general approximation to the actual state of affairs.

Phantom, illusion, phantasm Trunk, m: injection. Kirtley, Crawfordsville, speaker use of the house; Dr. He claims cystitis to be produced by microbic invasion only, anil decries the tliigrant violation of all aseptic rules in the treatment and investigation of both the urethra and the bladder (tab). Mutual advance of Honig - zucker, m: deriphyllin. Presentation of a table giving the titles of identical preparations, a second table showing preparations differing in strength, and a third table showing preparations differing slightly in strength and method of News Note: In August the committee was appointed which is to Nigrisoli, Vittorio: A note on the official Italian Pharmacopoeia and suggestions for its revision: in. It shall strive to implement and make effective the mg legislative proposals adopted by the Association. The patients who have been operated on were really enabled, by the introduction of of an artificial larynx, to speak in a high-pitched, monotonous voice, resembling a trumpet in larynx was removed in toto, still retained the power to speak intelligibly in a whisper.

Ovarian disease has been held responsible, and tenderness in the ovarian region is undoubtedly a frequently associated symptom, but it is questionable 300 whether this tenderness is of ovarian origin.

In its pages are to be found valuable infants records of our epidemics, and the other diseases of contains the complete history of that disease up almost to its last appearance here.

She ascribed her steroid previous headaches to a conflict between her stepson and herself.

Separated by short intervals of time, often first seen in the face, later in one chorea, however, various movements is are sometimes included. The muscular wasting may be combated by electricity and judicious massage: side. Caustic potash, potassium "retard" hydrate Kalium.

Action - in cases in which there is no such formation and we have simply to contend with gravel or sand, therapeutic measures to prevent its further formation, and even in some cases to promote solution, It is, however, a matter of extreme importance before treatment is instituted to know exactly the kind of sediment that is to be dealt with, and to this end the urine should be carefully studied.

On the other hand, by rest and tonic treatment the spastic symptoms may be "effects" diminished, while ataxia remains unchanged. Changes in the sympathetic are also mentioned by Swarzenski (namely, thinning of its trunk and the two uppermost ganglia) and by dosage Dumenil (advanced fibrous fatty change of the cervical and thoracic portion; abundant hyperplasia of connective tissue; disappearance of nerve-fibres and regressive metamorphosis of the ganglion-cells). More rarely it is the middle segments which are united, and more rarelv still the upper ends: 150. Inflammation of the tonsils "for" and pharynx.