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Shuter and Victoria Streets, Toronto A MOST IMPORTANT point whicli many professional men fail to give does proper attention to is the safe investment of their surplus funds.

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Concerning those intractable diseases, elephantiasis and lupus, it is said that a number of observations have established the fact that recovery has frequently followed attacks Lacerations of the perineum to the third degree, we are told, ordinarily occur during operative interference, yet the obvious warning to remove the forceps as soon as the perineum is distended is unfortunately not given (pediatrics). Jltirroll, Transactions of the Michigan State Medical Society for the Year The Multum in "rectal" Parvo Reference and Note Book. If there had been opposite to the doubtful line a or note of admiration, or something to indicate that the apparently extreme dose of three grains was really meant, it would have been a great relief to my own a young dispenser.