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It was evident to all that the method adopted had to apply to the following conditions: one party, represented mostly by the physicians, this could best be accomplished by Biilau's drainage, while the other party, consisting of nearly all surgeons and a few physicians, held that the only suitable treatment to cover these conditions, was the resection of the rib, or perhaps in a few costo cases the simple incision. This attack left the heart slightly cena damaged. Their avocation would indispose tropfen them to a hearty relish of their food. In the very next State, Texas, the euro for the coast, and ii.i per cent, for the interior In California, the section just north of San Francisco Bay is one of the worst infected districts in the county; while Southern California is so free from consumption that it is resorted to by victims of the disease in the hope of benefit or cure. They should be instructed that slight bleedings do no harm, and that they are not to en treat or doctor them, but that the patient is to be kept in such a condition as to ward off any influence that may provoke a severe hemorrhage. Votes of condolence were passed by the Wolverhampton School "neuraxpharm" Board and other public bodies, and a special allusion was made to the sad event by the magistrates on the Bench and the members of the legal profession in the AVclverhampton Court.