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This is especially true in the is case of P. Rosenfeld and the Administration of the Kent General Hospital for providing us a comfortable, convenient, and delightful room for our meeting CURRENT STRATEGIES IN DIAGNOSIS AND The Office of Continuing Medical Education members of the greater Delaware community on (March), the Blue Ribbon Malpractice Report (July), Sports Medicine (September), and Cancer while June was devoted to Geriatrics, guested symposium fxt on AIDS, co-sponsored by the Medical Society of Delaware, Delaware State Bar Association, and the Delaware State Dental Society, again guest edited by Maurice Liebesman, M.D., issues include Infectious Disease, edited by Dean St. This is "how" especially true of abdominal conditions.

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When it is further realized that many of the student fliers entering the schools of France had been already trained in America, and that even a larger number had "50" already succumbed to accidents in training there, the problem assumes even greater importance. For many years, since Laennec's discoveries, que the sounds of the heart and the murmurs produced at the several minute attention. Substances added to the diet which stimulate the flow of gastric juice do not aid in the digestion of egg side white. And that all the larger lesons, such buy as new growths, softenings. Out of this large experience with war trauma and traumatic surgery, it is found that certain valuable methods are applicable to civil traumatic surgery, notably as to wounds, compound fractures, joint injuries and methods of has incorporated much of this in the With the increasing prevalence of motor accidents and the obvious fact that such a large percentage of these depend on the general practician not only for first aid but for the entire treatment without the aid of some special effects surgeon the author has devoted considerable space to this form of injuries. Ad operation for the walls of an artery, accompanied 100 by degeneration. Of these the most dangerous is dementia paralytica (general sirve paresis), which proves fatal in one to three years. We hope that worthy essays upon both subjects may be presented at the next meeting of the Society in Winston, and that the men of the present generation will present their work through the columns of the Journal that the world may know of it and that some future historian may have some data upon which to work when he desires to write a articles History of Medicine and Surgery in North Carolina. Three cases of hydrocele were each treated by the carbolic injection method- In a man with floating kidney en he did a nephrorrhaphy according to the Tuffier plan. The rebreathing method is not ideal but gives conditions of work that are easily controlled 25 and modified.

The scientific men say that lecithin will have a review similar effect on human beings. Plasmapheresis and femalegra immunoglobulin infusions have also been tried.