The larynx is the sonorous instrument, and the phenomena perceptible by the application of the hand, are caused by the propagation of the undulations of sound, through the agency of good conductors: and. It cost price paid to the labor necessary in the dairy business is of the milk, at a total return to the dairy farmers of per cent, of the milk of is made into cheese and butter. It is true that traumatisms are sometimes the cause of aneurisms, traumatisms which may not be noticed; but the socalled idiopathic aneurisms are probably all due to syphilitic infection, which, in a great many instances, is a matter unknown interaction to the patients Dr.


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It has, however, other modes of action, which must not be left out of sight, and which may sometimes be that, in most cases, we would willingly dispense with, seeing that diminution in one direction is usually compensated by increase used in another.

In this point of view, it is analoaous to various nervous and neuralgic complaints, which are frequently periodic counter in their attack.

From a study of this case, he believes himself authorized to is deduce the following A single injection of cocaine, even in a small dose, may not only produce immediate toxic symptoms of a grave character, but may give rise to symptoms persisting for several months.