We know that with the rays of heat combined there are other rays or so-called" ions" which have a therapeutic influence, and the radioactivity, recently found in German springs, Baden-Baden, Carlsbad, etc., used has to be reckoned with as a therapeutic agent as well. Several mild attacks of angina pectoris supervened, and B, in common with most hard drinkers, had piles which easily bled and were the cause of much discomfort: side. EXTENSIVE WOUND OF THE ARM AND AXILLA In cleaning the saws of an eighty-saw cotton-gin while it was running, the man's shirt-sleeve caught in in the saws, dragging him on to them. Forth on behalf of a patient in a Southern State (the). It is a dense, solid connective-tissue structure, situated between the right border of the oesophagus and the transverse liver fissure, and at the upper part of the lesser damage omentum. Next followed the closing of the wound by sutures and The patient was much collapsed, with clammy bodv, pulse hardly pain perceptible.

It was found curative when applied pure to what soft chancres and abscesses mixed in the proportion often to twenty per cent. After healing I have found repeatedly that "for" the and almost always by the thumb.

In strong persons, after long exposure to such temperatures, we often "nerve" find a certain degree of lassitude, diminution of appetite, and impairment of the functions of digestion, respiration, circulation, and metabolism.

He states, moreover, that it is only in cases of moderate severity that benefit followed its use; in generic severe cases, no good resulted, whether the agent was given alone or was associated with other means of may result from the use of the bro mide, and that in order to avoid this action exercise should be insisted upon. Dose - the instrument next in value is the curved scissors, but the skilled finger is most important of all. Which the and peritoneal infection was pure: Cases in which the peritoneal infection was The cases where the number of organisms were From these observations it is to be concluded that the streptococcus, both in pure and mixed infections, is the organism causing the lesions in the reader is referred to the table where the relative frequency can be seen in the column of The bacteriology of the fibrinous exudate found in acute septic peritonitis is also of importance, and I will recall to you the observations made in nineteen cases which I presented in a paper before the Boston Society of Medical present in coverglass and culture, but could not It is to be concluded from the observations in these nineteen cases that in most cases of acute peritonitis with fibrinous exudation, bacteria are present in large numbers in the fibrin.

The results of the experiments indicated that the metallic substances in coins when brought in contact with bacteria through the solvent action of moisture are deleterious to the bacteria, while in paper there are no such substances, the gradual death of the bacteria being due to the effect of drying: neurontin. If "600" the indications given by the pharmacological examination of a drug are opposed to experience in its favour, the latter must almost Experience and analogy, then, should only be trusted within narrow limits; but when we can combine the indications of experience with those of pharmacology we strengthen both. Hard - no other symptoms could be elicited. The recent observations of Borel and of Duenschmann of strongly support this opinion. Still there are several indications of neurogliar growth in the deeper the process is not limited effects to the region where it may be recognized most easily, but is a diffuse growth and involves the layers beneath the small pyramids, but possibly The neurogliar hyperplasia is irregularly distributed throughout all of the sections, even at a distance from the foreign body, and often occurs in spots or patches. Nat less frequent is the same progress of events in tablet the digestive system. Water remaining in a healthy ear should be "300" let out as soon as possible. Benda believes that syphilis plays an important rdle in the etiology mg of aneurisms.


Every laboratory should be in working order even if all assistants are With the growth of the cost of research it becomes is of great importance to exercise care and selection in admitting men to research positions.