The leaves boiled in vinegar are applied with advantage to offensive sores, swellings and contracted sinews. If we would have a measure of the power and dangerous effects of alcohol on the human organism, it will be found in the disorders of the nervous and muscular system, far more than in the altered relations of the chemical elements to one another. While recent physiologic and histologic studies have improved our understanding of bladder function, abnormal bladder function remains difficult to treat; but an accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy can do much to alleviate the social and medical problems associated The purpose of this article is to review current explanations of disorders of urinary control in children and to provide a basis for evaluation, diagnosis, and therapy.

Quantitative estimates of the urea have not been possible in this case, but it has at no time cpntained albumin or casts. Tincture for Stomach and Bowel Complaints of Children. We know also that the adventure of the voyage must be made, test and made singly though tve put to sea in fleets, and, further, that not generalities, nor averages will here avail but individuality alone.

Herpes of the penis may occur during the hot stage of the paroxysm The duration of this stage varies somewhat, but is generally from four to six hours. The Solicitor of the affect the general interests of the profession, though legal help iu cases of merely individual interest is not included iu the benefits provided by the Association. The Hospital Committee of Hospital Service, Inc., of Iowa has proved to be of inestimable value in hospital relations with our Blue Cross Plan. The blood i)icture showed a color index mart slightly higher than normal, moderate poikilocytosis, few megalocytes and erythrocytes. Hooper, were lost off the New Jersey coast during a gale. Bow-legged children are made in that way. Will stand relieved from active duty in use the reserve corps. Perhaps the introduction of the antibiotic drugs has reduced the incidence of gonorrhea in the adult female members of the population.

This year there has been a slight change in the subject matter presented. There is therefore, as I believe, no necessity for the medicine after exposure to miasm is discontinued.

According to recent work, ferments that convert glucose into alcohol are present in all tissues; an intermediary stage in the reaction is lactic acid. The lacunse are prominent and dilated, and from three to ten of each organ filled with a yellowish- white exudation, which overlaps their borders and extends a short distance over the surrounding mucous membrane. But do not make the mistake of considering driving to be exercise. It is best to leave the drug nose alone then for a few days, when intra-nasal irrigations may again be practised. The wards are kept in a more cleanly and orderly manner, the ventilation is much more carefully attended to, the medicines, food, and drink are administered with greater regularity, and a moral atmosphere prevails, the sanative and purifying influence of which it would be difficult Committee would respectfully urge upon the medical profession and the country at large the absolute necessity of employing none but well-trained nurses both in public institutions and private families. Frequent bathing of the affected parts is beneficial for their cleansing and cooling. Liinicr Surgeon, Whiitaker Memorial Hospital. Like most text books, its seventh and eighth editions particularly were characterized by very sparse additions of new clinical material and the retention of too much obsolete material. The pathology of acute and chronic malarial infection having been considered, it remains to discuss the pathology of latent infections.


A bag of herbs will keep hot longer than cloths. Careful watch was kept, but at no time during the experiments could anything abnormal be detected We have subjected the milk from both cows to careful and prolonged study, and have failed in both instances to detect the bacillus The pathological appearances in the internal organs noted by Klein lungs, pleurae, or serous surfaces of the heart. The new pneumonic attack terminated in a crisis on the fifth day, or the thirty-second of the entire For the next three following days the child seemed to be in a normal condition. The experimental studies have given the answer in the negative. In the New England and Middle Atlantic states the benign forms are present, but are comparatively rare. We should at least get some definite numerical basis of comparison, far more accurate than we now possess. One of the most characteristic and important changes occurring in the liver are areas of focal necrosis, which are believed by Flexner to be due to the presence of some The organ which presents probably the most marked changes in malarial infections is the spleen. There is no debate that a physician shortage exists, and distribution is definitely a problem, reports the California needed. Then if sufficiently large doses of penicillin are used locally, any excess beyond that required for the neutralization of the penicillinase will exert a curative bacteriostatic effect in intraperitoneal infections or soiling. These threads are about as coarse as fibrin and as long as the diameter of the corpuscle.