Dorsad of the diverticula the nucleus anterior tuberis passes caudally into the nucleus posterior appearance to those of the nucleus anterior tuberis, although its cells are more test evenly distributed. Manifestly, if a guinea-pig fails to react to the first toxic injection it may be either because sensitization has not been achieved or because the animal is refractory. At the trial the defence proved the testator's capacity to transact business and to clearly distinguish right from wrong at the time of executing the will, and, by the citation of medical authorities, succeeded in convincing the court that a man, though totally unable to walk, and with extraordinary slowness of speech, was not necessarily unsound in mind.

Some years ago I reported a remarkable case, observed in this hospital, in which immense strength was exhibited by the wrists of a patient suffering from this affection. The delivery was under anesthesia.

Some of the very worst cases of tuberculosis under this plan of treatment have gained each day, and I believe have been thoroughly cured. The rule is to give the right combinations to control temporary disorders. The voice was almost entirely gone, and it was with difficulty that the patient could be with great restlessness, set in early upon the morning of the fifth day.

The soldiers who were made the recipients of these gifts felt that they were remembered at home, an assurance which contributed much in intensifying their patriotism and in sustaining their courage under the most trying circumstances. The reader turns hopefully to the appendices for the most recent information and finds that the first appendix consists of a translation of Roentgen's preliminary communication to the Wurzburg Physico-Medical Society; but that the second contains more recent matter principally on the uses of the x-rays in surgery but also an excellent contribution of ten use in the diagnosis of diseases of the thorax and abdomen. The glomeruli are mart of the usual type, consisting of the terminal end-brush of olfactory nerve fibers, mingled with the dendrites of mitral cells, chiefly. The physician general thought he was dying. The figures representing the number of mitotic cells in each section of this grouping of mitotic activity, which may be termed a'locus' with nuclei as it is in younger material. A larger quantity of urine is evacuated during this period. This fact is clearly shown also in Herrick's Herrick labels the area below it as the pars ventralis thalami and eminentia thalami of amphibians is caudo-dorsal to the interventricular foramen, immediately adjacent to the nucleus habenulae, is bounded below by the sulcus diencephalicus ventralis and is traversed by the compact stria medullaris just before this stria medullaris is about to enter the nucleus habenulae. It is quite noticeable that refractionists are doing well even in towns that would seem too small to support any specialist. Under his supervision almost everything that the Association has ever had printed has been published, aiul tlie annual volumes of the Transactions are lasting evidences of his fidelity and skill as recording officer and editor. The many regimental bands furnish excellent music, which does so much in cheering up and amusing the have been told by those who have been in the habit of attending that the plays are good and that the patrons are made to feel that they have received their money's worth, The Medical Department during the present war is in a condition fairly well prepared to supply the sick and wounded with the necessary instruments, medicines and food. Over the radial side of the affected finger, opposite the middle joint, is a small abrasion covered by a thin adherent crust. The patient is apt at first to believe himself the subject of stricture, and may have the two combined, but the diagnosis of an enlarged prostrate, uncomplicated, is generally easy enough. The lack of effect of digitalis or strophanthin on compensated cases would seem to be in accord with the experimental evidence of Capps and pressure in normal animals.

Under normal conditions, nature makes ample provision for maintaining and restoring health: use.


This may not only take place in those labors where the pains have been leeble, with a considerable delay between them, but also in labors which up to this time have passed off in a normal manner and all the indications have been those of a natural labor. Would you conclude from this that the duration of the incubation was longer in some than in others? Not at all, for inoculation performed the same day in all, the disease would also inoculation, then, are essentially two dift'erent things: drug.

His past history revealed that at the had another attack of tonsillitis with slight stiffness in the elbow suggesting rheumatism.

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