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It was among those administration who were fed, clothed, and housed badly that the power of resistance was at the lowest. The Germans believed the disease to be malignant, and the result proved they were right; for, however much we might condemn in the practice of galvano-cautery as used by Professor Gerhardt, yet we cannot agree with Mackenrie that this led to the subsequent development of the disease. THE PERCENTAGE OF INCOMPETENT GRADUATES FROM MEDICAL COLLEGES: obat. All of the classical symptoms of peritonitis rapidly appear, and the patient succumbs, apparently gia overwhelmed by some intense poison. 500 - up,m this is spread smoothly L linen slu'et long enougli to e.xlend from the nucha to a foot oi more sheet IS now rapidly folded around his body and pes between the arms. THE BACILLUS DYSBNTBRIAB IN ASYLUM "price" DYSENTERY. The mcg text is concise, well arranged, and very readable.


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