Out of hatched, day after the dosing ninety-six. Alder, a late Member of the Boarc Deposited on loan by Dr. As we have observed, the polled cattle of Galloway are black, and in these dun cattle of Chatelherault Park, the black shows itself, as if to proclaim what was the original colour; the inside of the ears of the Chillingham wild cattle are red. Or, after the steaming, when the patient is in bed, take a red hot stone, or brick, and cool it just so as not to burn, then wrap it up in a cloth wet with vinegar and water, with a dry one outside of this, and place it near the face, covering the head and inhaling the steam as hot as it can be The steaming should be often repeated, the patient at the same time taking freely of the cayenne, and occasionally a full course of medicine. Medical Director of the Russell Sage Institute of 30 Pathology, Cornell We hear housewives talking glibly of calories in food and our newspapers write of vitamines with some familiarity. Two grains may be given at first every two hours, and, if necessary to bring about relief, the dose may be increased to four, five, or six grains, or an equivalent proportion of morphia or one of the liquid preparations, repeated as often, until some degree of narcotic effect is experienced; but the quantity of half a drachm of opium in twelve hours should in no case, I think, be exceeded; as, if the disease should suddenly give way, poisonous effects might ensue from the portion remaining unabsorbed in the stomach. If the tunica vaginalis has undergone obliteration as far as the testicle, the tumor usually assumes a pyriform, round, or oval shape; if, on the other hand, the sac extends for some distance along REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Be this as it may, certain it is that the Dishley breed is extinct. A disordered state of the digestive organs, brought on by an unwholesome state of the atmosphere, or by feeding on unhealthy pastures of low, damp, cold meadows, infested by aquatic plants, which, taken into the stomach, become indigestible and putrid, and thus engender disease; for cattle are affected on various low land pastures, while they have escaped in intermediate pastures of high lands. The mistake might be a very fatal one, if, in reliance upon the prophylactic virtues of belladonna, other means of securing exemption, such as common sense would suggest, should be neglected. Years - there is here more of the religious element diffused in the society, in proportion to the population, than can be found in any other community in this or any other land of its size.

The core is hollow, or cavernous, commuuicaliug with the frontal sinuses, and is lined, as well as the latter, with a continuation of the delicate membrane, spread over the nasal cavity and extensive turbinated bones. The Haw of the eye, in the horse, is a membrane that is used to clear the eye of dust and protect it from injury. After the bath the temperature of the new-born falls, and teaches a minimum about ten hours after birth; it then rises.


Tapscott is now entirely recovered. After culture the organisms tab can be identified as meningococci by agglutination with the blood serum, serum of convalescents, or with commercial antimeningococcic seruin.

Mix the whole in a bottle, and shake it well. The conclusions (it is impossible in our space to give the complicated materials and means by which the author arrives at them) are days these: sufficiently well fed on vegetable diet, and discharge on an' average the experience of the mass of mankind employed in manual labour weight of the individual, which influences the vital and mental work.

It is sometimes caused by atmospheric influence, and by moist, swampy Symptoms. Wounds made in the back are the most difficult to search out. Beat or rub camphor in a mortar with a little alcohol, and to Twenty grains, that is one scruple, of the powder of roots,, barks, or vegetables, will measure from rather less than a large tea spoon full to a large heaping tea spoon full, some being' heavier, and some lighter than others. Latimer, Clarence Vinette, Jr University Hospital, Baltimore, Md. If year to secure this end another war is necessary, another war will be forthcoming; fiercer, more extensive, more heartrending and destructive than the one through which we havo just passed. We fully explained tho in El Paso county made by the Land Com missioner, Kud asked that his action be ratified. There is a tall aspirating chimney like those of the long wards, but it is placed in the centre of the ward, as in the Antwerp Hospital.

These probably depended mainly upon a constantly sustained excess of alkalinity of the blood. Great expertness was required in order to conceal the destruction and removal of these glands from both patient and witnesses.

The organs most frequently affected are the liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, testicles, and digestive tract; less frequently the bones, skin, and nerve-centres. The construction is very simple, the whole thickness of the ground-level outside, being formed of that thickness of dry brick rubbish laid upon the dry and sandy ground. This sound and its variations may be quite closely imitated by taking a piece of narrow, thin, silk ribbon and dexterously adjusting it between the lips just open enough to admit of a forced expulsion of the breath in a thin stream, when the ribbon can be made to vibrate almost in the identical pitch that we hear in the right ventricle.

I visited him about twelve months after his cure was effected, and he told me that he believed the cause was entirely removed; and he further observed, that he at all times felt an uneasy sensation attending the parts that had been affected; but it was his decided opinion, that those uneasy sensations had their origin My own opinion relative to the case is, that if he had been carried through a regular course of medicine, as often as would have been advantageous to him, and applied the Sorrel salve at the commencement, that his cure might probably have been effected in less than one vear. This is attended with a quicli jerking, muscular contraction, and even the deep-lying muscles may brought into energetic action. There was, therefore, no possibility of any selection of cases.

The first operation of the his case, in which he made sixteen openings with the trephine, and removed a recurrent fungus from the vault of the cranium, taking away not only a great amount of bone, but also cut away the dura mater, with a piece of the falx and longitudinal sinus. Bat there are also decided peculiarities in the operation of hemp, which distinguish it in a marked degree, from all other cerebral stimulants.