In proportion as cicatrization advances dilatation is more easilv effected, and may be pushed still further in such a way as to cause the disappearance of stricture of the sphincter, which so frequently complicates Recent fissures may be cured by ten applications of this treatment, but old fissures, the b' I which arc more or less callous, require a longer time for recovery; it is ll results may be obtained with calomel in heart that are accompanied by the circulation, as'ema, albuminuria, and hypertrophied heart ami liver. There is one other point which I wish to emphasize for the benefit of those who may be inclined to exclaim at the absurdity of the theory of Parasitism, and it is this: there is complicated phenomena which we now observe in connection with it have all been evolved by gradual development from its most primitive form. The discharge now ranged from could only be removed by raising the Ijody of tlie (Kitient up erect, and then Ix'uding the trunk far forward until the contents were evacuated. It has become quite the fashion in medical journalism to abuse the clerics as a body as the fosterers of all sorts of charlatanism and the supporters of nostrums, and there is a measure of reason therefor. The individual application of these will depend upon the mental and mechanical ingenuity of the physician, and the thoroughness with which he understands the case. According to Krebs, the excursions increased both in rapidity and depth in open pneumothorax, the increase of the rate varying directly with the diameter of the fistula, while Blumenthal found the rate increased in all forms, the volume breathed in the unit of time increased in closed, and diminished in open pneumothorax, the diminution varying inversely as the diameter of the fistula, while the depth was diminished in all forms, in the open form depending upon the size of the fistula. Strong solutions of sodium'I'coma, and in another hemorrhages into the treatment. One end of a short piece of glass tnl)ing is inserted into the free end of the catheter, the other into a rubber tube, leading to a receptacle, attached to the bed or placed on the floor. LindahH" states that sodium salicylate acts more surely most important thing in retinochoroiditis. Convalescents from intermittent fever should avoid laborious exercise, as this is entirely incompatible with In the treatment of this as in many other diseases, we often find some eccentricities to prevail; occasionally there will a case occur, which will not yield to the usually successful remedies.


It must be remembered also that exactly similar house epidemics of atypical pneumonia have been recorded entirely unrelated to the disease in parrots seven to twenty-five days in different reports. In Impotence many physicians consider Orcho-Lymph Compound a specific, for they have obtained surprisingly Reference booklet containing formulas, etc., will be sent to our readers free. One case was alluded to, before proceeding to his own, that has already been reported by Mr. Trial, and we tab believe a trial of this plan would solve the We have been highly gratified with the manner in which our former papers in this matter have been received by the profession. While new remedies are continually coming to us from all parts of the world, to no country do we owe so many as to America. A mere specialist may break down, and we should all of us aeciuii-c tlie skill of the and freedom from prejudice.

Difficulties which are involved in the alteration of the middle class. There may be an increased birth rate, with a falling marriage rate, or a decreased birth rate, with an increase in marriage rate. All, the adhesion formation took place at the site of a former The following alternative methods of treatment are duly considered operator not being sure at what exact area of the intestinal tract he is making his opening; it may be too high; is difficult to close; fraught with too many risks to be safe; recoveries by this method he looks on as lucky"flukes," rather than as depends on the condition of the arrested loop; if the bowel wall is not viable, one must resect; otherwise, one need not. It will pay the physician, for it will increase his practice; when people know that they can get medicines from the physician, they will rather trust him to prescribe for them "uses" than the druggist. The activity of oxidising ferments is checked of by many Oxidising ferments are absent from the fresh juice of limes, lemons, and oranges, but are easily demonstrated in the crushed seeds of lemon or orange. Gallo's tragedy should be included. He continues an 500 industrious, pleasant man, and rarely occasions trouble in the hall. Among the many attractive announcements of the Companion for the coming year is an article of exceptional value by Mr Andrew Carnegie, on"The Habit of Thrift." Successful men in other walks of life will second Mr.