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Frequently on removing suppositories the dressing from the wound of a man who has just arrived from the front, one is astonished to find how grave and extensive are his lesions. The King has approved the name of" The King George Hospital" for the new Red Cross hospital now being established in the Government Stationery Office, Waterloo Road, by the joint committee of the British Red Cross already been endowed (side).

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Of styptics it is difficult to say piles which is the best; ergot, gallic acid, acetate of lead, opium, have each their advocates, and it sometimes seems necessary to try one after another. Plans have been made to canvass physicians, surgeons, and dentists in that part of the state since they online are other commercial and industrial sources, bringing Granbury General Hospital was formally opened Gainesville Register. If we ask of science"What is good?" it can give no canada relevant answer to the question. Premature return to physical or mental work will imperil the prospect of permanency, and during The general impression seems to prevail that any cure for opium addiction, that is not at once positive and permanent, is not worthy of recognition, and to the relapses that occasionally occur, is in a great measure due the unmerited condemnation that has been placed on any treatment for this addiction, by many men of the profession. The hemorrhoids streak may increase slightly in size, but there is nothing further charaetei'istic.