Numerous colonies of cocci are found in the pus. Nitro-glycerine on the weight of the urine, year the weight of the patients, and on the dropsy. Baum that the involution effected through fatty metamorphosis may, under certain circumstances, eventuate in caseous and calcareous degeneration.' The time of the appearance of bubo after the commencement of a venereal disease, seems to depend as much upon the idiosyncrasy of the individual, as upon the date of absorption by the lymphatics: tablet. Twisting of a portion of intestine round an axis fonucd of ind it is impossible to discriminate them from invagination or hernia fronTarioas causes, exclusive of hernia, rotation or twisting of intestine A highly important injunction is to be added to the consideration of obstruction dependent on the foregoing structural affections. There is a gradual increase in the edema which spreads markedly out widely from the eyeball and along the lid margins there is desquamation of the epithelium and other evidences of necrosis. The patient on coming from under the influence of the anaesthetic was in his natural mind, was greatly pleased with relief from pain at the seat of the mjury, and shortly afterward gave a satisfactory account of his case tab from the beginning, excepting a period when he was unconscious.


I., especially the shape of the tube qd, two capital D's opposed to each other. In commenting upon these results, Sherrington, by a series of most instructive observations upon changes in the blood in inflammation, leaves the question of the degree of this gland-like action of leucocytes somewhat in doubt, but in all the discussions of the causes of intravascular coagulation, the leucocyte still holds prominence as one source, at least, of the fibrin ferment. The anterior median columns showed a considerable degree of vacuolar degeneration. Grounds for the foregoing statement as regards the eoDstitutional origin of pulmonary tuberculosis will appear in proceeding ilto those which act, first, locally, upon the lungs; and, second, generally, ornpon the system, in producing the constitutional condition or cachexia ihich oonstitntes the disease. Respecting the last, he says that they seem to be formed, not in the pleura itself, but in a false membrane formed upon it; and that eventually the membrane becomes so united with the pleura, as to give to this the appearance of being thickened. The mucous membranes accessible to Tiew have less redness than in health. Of the signs by which physicians be come acquainted with diseases in the living body, some are expressive of their nature, and some are expressive only of the parts they occupy: retorlix. The lower half of the cornea shows a standard droplet to the cornea. Years - there was a red spot, the size of half-a-crown, This is a good case.

Which he emphasized were that any physician was liable to be arrested in the discharge of his duty in connection with cases of abortion, or possible abortion; that there were some men who, under their guise as officers of the law, sought in cases of this kind to incriminate reputable physicians for purposes of blackmail.

Having now a year of such clinical experience behind me, during which I have treated nearly a hundred patients with antipthisin, and having had as good opportunity as a special institution under most careful observation of the patients in the light of a considerable previous experience can afford, I can only say that my conviction as to its clinical value has steadily grown stronger, and that I have uniformly observed favorable changes in the tubercular processes, often to their entire disappearance, in Jthe lungs of my patients, with return to normal conditions, where percussion and auscultation had given every evidence of a pathological state before I have further seen the rapid involution of the tubercle bacilli in the sputum, and their entire disappearance from it while the sputum was still purulent, in early stage cases; I have not observed their return in such sputum upon subsequent examinations when continued until no more expectoration was available. While it is true that the relief is only temporary, there is in many cases a chance that pregnancy may occur, and in others that the menopause will soon mg supervene.

Like others, Bergmann lays considerable stress on local elevation of temperature this to be a sign of great value when met with, but one the absence of which need means negative a diagnosis if made Tne same writer also maintains that there is less probability of early recognition of abscess in the frontal lobes, since it is well known that these may be almost totally destroyed without questions symptoms.

Tlie method is precisely the opposite of that pursued b)' Trousseau.