Iteflex iridoplegia is present in about one-half of the cases. American Climatological notebook Association, American Physicians, Hall No.

Uk - the explanation is"The mountain-stream is a small one, running down over a rocky bed, and on a declivity not eighty feet from its bed a dwelling is situated, wherein, during January, February, and March, was located a case of typhoid fever that is only now convalescent, the worst period of nurse was in the habit, during each night, of carrying the excreta from the patient and depositing it on the ground toward the stream. There is sometimes more or less flat-foot coexisting; the feet are tender, moist, and clammy; walking is painful, and in severe and neglected cases the skin inflames and peels. Here it would be necessary to establish, by a most thorough scientific examination, composition the distances from all existing sources of sewage pollution at which it might be safely assumed that the water had freed itself from bacteria and other impurities sufficiently to form safe ice.

In extreme cases anaesthesia of the effects soft palate and uvula are seen, also constantly recurring cases of bronchitis and laryngitis. The nasal, pharyngeal and laryngeal membrane was congested and relaxed. He drew the practical conclusion that as regarded the Bengal European Army it was necessary to retain the soldiers and to resort to the old system of landing troops in that country which gave them the cold weather before the Surgeon-General Marston concurred as to the importance of selecting the right season for sending out our troops to hot climates, and, in case of war, he thought more might sometimes be done in the selection of regiments.

Constitutional treatment is more necessary in rosacea arc inadmissible.


Much stress is laid naturally upon the success obtained last winter in passing a law which puts all the pauper insane in State institutions and under the care of State officials. As to the action of the atmospheric oxygen: That the adrenal tablet secretion inevitably reaches the air cells was made clear by a study of the anatomical relations between the adrenals and the lungs. May I say in passing that the operation is sometimes a source of psychical unrest to the operating surgeon if he does not easily find the nerve; this unrest is avoided if, in operating, the patient lying on his face, the surgeon will stand on the opposite side to the limb to be operated upon.

Mohammedans were the real danger, and Mecca or Medina might be looked upon as rural a permanent Dr. Sir: Why should not the physicians of cities give medicine to patients themselves, instead of simply prescribing it? I have no wish to cast reflection upon the druggists of the country, but how price often are complaints made against druggists, for various reasons. Within the last four years Guy's Hospital has lost by death four members of its staff and, curiously enough, all on the medical side, At the meeting of the Medical Society of London on Monday last Mr: of. (See Brain, Surgery of.) CEREBRAL PARALYSIS DUE TO ARTERIAL SPASM. The seat of an abscess depends to some extent on its cause; thus the temporo-sphenoidal lobe and cerebellum are most commonly affected in cases secondary to ear disease, the former seat being more common than the latter; the frontal lobes are usually the seat when disease in the nose supplies the source of infection, and the subjacent brain substance in the case of trauma in any region of the skull. William Broaddus Pritchard said that it was apparently an impossibility to get any two men to agree on the subject of neurasthenia: azulix. Profuse uterine haemorrhages during the course of the disease are rare, and when they occur are combined with other features which serve to form the condition we know as haemorrhagic typhoid fever (tab).

We cannot apply to the human machine the fixed rules by which inanimate bodies are notebooks governed. My task would be an easy one, if the functions of the organs which, from my viewpoint, constitute the defensive mechanism (and which for side the sake of convenience I have called the"adrenal system") were known. The different forms spread with varying degrees of rapidity, but very often the shape of the organ is maintained, notwithstanding the large size the growth reaches.

All these children had been found previously to react positively to the Schick test. When there i the absence of vocal fremitus, the displacement of organs, and the;il,s.,lutr sisting dulness, should be sufficient for the diagnosis; and, on thr other ind, the presence of tubercle bacilli in the sputum, the increased vocal emitus, the bronchial or amphoric breathing, with or without crepitant iles, ought to be enough to suggest the diagnosis of tubercle. The peripheral nerves contain many degenerated nerve fibres, and the terminal branches for the muscles a much larger number. Eighteen were cured before ten years of age, with more or less of shortening, and not doom FREE MOTION IN EVERY DIRECTION. Forte - that these remedies had their virtues no one will deny, and that they are serviceable to-day cannot be gainsaid, and that yet other remedies with past and present virtues are not to be blindly excluded in favor of fresh milk, fresh eggs, and fresh air, should be kept closely in mind. Finally he deals with the recognition and removal of foreign bodies from the bronchi and the oesophagus: 1mf.