Kenneth Cameron, Secretary, reported thai at the beginning of the session there were elected, i died and i resigned, making a present The number of temporary members had been greatly increased by the election of the side resident staff of the Royal Victoria Hosj)ital, the or corresponding member was elected.

For medical use, it requires to be refined. As to the quantity of urine excreted, there is a great variation in different cases. The posterior peritoneal flap is now excised, the stump being ligated should there be any necessity for doing so: of. I tried to get him to swallow some whisky and water, but it seemed to choke him as though the muscles were paralyzed; in a few seconds his lips, face, ears and neck w T ere cyanosed, the pupils were dilated and eyes staring; froth was also running from the mouth, and the boy occasionally gave a harsh, brassy cough, together with a peculiar cry. The excess of acid is removed from the bisulphate by the aid of heat, and the remaining sulphate is dissolved in water, then evaporated and crystallised.

Lemoile, French Consul tion, Sardinia Baron de Wrede. It has been used successfully in Manilla. In a few instasces we meet the individual with a nose the bridge of which is undeveloped and the tip quite long. A his tory of indigestion, with vague epigastric pain, might aid in determining a perforation of the duodenum or stomach, and a record of previous inflammatory trouble in the abdomen might explain a sudden intestinal obstruction. Probably, in many of them, serious operations were contemplated; they were in a more or less perturbed state of mind, and this might have disturbed to the normal gastric Dr. And died in Decatur County in March, wife were married in Hamilton County, Ohio, and three of their children were effects born G. Letters are desired from physicians on any subject pertaining to our profession.

It also has a diuretic action: where. The disease is twice as common in men as in women and is extremely rare under the age of forty.


A negative result, we concede, cannot in any given case be construed as evidence of the absence of syphilis. John's Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, New uk York.

In consequence, the Surgeon-General of the Marine-Hospital Service has directed that she be anchored farther away, and all foreign vessels entering the neighboring waters will be stopped and SERIOUS CHARGES AGAINST A PHYSICIAN. The fixed oil will form a milky liquid, with a little liquor potassse and distilled water, and is frequently employed as a substitute for the mistura amygdalae. The supra-renal capsules were normal. Watson is disposed to regard it altogether as what Carlyle would call' a sham.'" Here, then, in order to make out a case, we again have the in the first part of this sentence, I shall attempt to prove.

It is soluble in water and is not precipitated by either acid or alkali. The stages of congestion, hepatization and resolution may all take place within a short time, while in others the stage of congestion alone may occupy three or four days, and resolution may be prolonged even longer. He quoted Sir James reviews Simpson's rules. My buy own experience is that if there is no evidence of reaction within an liour there is not much chance of its appearing, but it is V. It is prepared by melting it, and, during the cooling, stirring it briskly, by which it is separated into small particles.