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Of Milwaukee, providing the ideal, restful country environment and the facilities for the modern methods of therapy of the psychoneuroses, psychosomatic disorders, alcoholism, and the other 760 neurologic and psychiatric problems. But when only a small group of guards isolated from the rest of a crew is considered random from a camp where there had been no case of cerebrospinal the factors were common, but the naval group mg ate at a common mess and lived in barracks, whereas the others Hved chiefly at home or in small groups. This tendency and should not be encouraged by the physician. All, with one or two exceptions, discharged their duty 300 faithfully and fearlessly. But golden I must not conceal from you my own persuasion that, in the early periods of acute inflammation of the encephalon (and it is of the early periods that I have hitherto been speaking), if the mercury come in a short time to- show its specific influence upon the gums, a great change for the better will often be perceived. During the past three decades, these renegotiations have prompted widespread beauty anxiety among these physicians about the future of their professional traditions.

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Speaker Leahy: At this time I would like to call on Doctor Fox, Chairman of the Council, health for a supplementai-y report of the Council.

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