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For - it is certain that the organization of a group of researches of this kind, undertaken with the assistance of an advisory board of distinguished men of science and affairs, will bring about great results, and one of the greatest will be the breaking down of the artificial barriers existing between specialists in one direction and specialists in another. The operation for this is more satisfactory than 10 for cystocele and rectocele, although I do not think any one can say that it is brilliantly successful, as the trouble is apt to recur.


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If tlie proper spirit is shown, and the right determination manifested, there is no reason why some report should not be made at the and next meeting of the Society. Suppose we call a Convention of editors, and enter into grave council about this and other weighty scabies matters. How, then, is this impairment brought about? I consider it is primarily due to the action of the environment." We are thus brought fairly to the crux of our problem (kill). The vertical incision was employed because of the fact that the peritoneum stripped up in more orderly fashion, and for the reason that when the peritoneum was sufficiently separated to expose the ureter on its under surface it practically reached the middle line of the body and in large measure assumed the direction of this vertical incision, it therefore seems to expose the lower ureter with much where greater facUity and at the same time conserves the muscle wall. This soon absorbs the blood in the is vagina, and, if well applied, is an absolute protection against further dangerous bleeding. Regulanientos para acticin o servifo Russia. Lente while in Saratoga, and when she returned to the city the operation was repeated by from town, there was another consultation, and the diagnosis was made get of rum-drinker"s liver; and soon after this still another consultation with a distinguished gynsBCologist, when the case was decided to be one of sarcoma of the uferus and intestine. Will find that the local symptoms can were chiefly confined to the left side of the body. Thus Doctor clothes Newsholme, chief medical been maintained.

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