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Epidermoid The writer "side" kept informed of the whereabouts of this patient and has had the opportunity to see and examine her each year. You use a course cambric needle with any otc kind of strong fibre, cotton, linen or silk, pass it through all the tissues, from within out, in such a manner as to include the open vessel, secure it with a small pad under each loop of the ligature and tie firmly, but not so tightly as to induce gangrene. Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Hartford Hospital; Gynecologist, McCook Memorial Tnterest ill this subject was stimulated by the the literature on leiomyosarcoma of the uterus "to" following radiation for hemorrhage from submucous fibromyoma. The nodules vary in size up to one-third of an inch or more in diameter; back and, although the smaller ones are firm, yet the larger ones often contain a central soft caseous or semipuriform mass which can be expressed or scraped out.

Manley and also The Practical sinus Surgery, by Dr.